Frequently Asked Questions

Today is my picture day, why can't I access the website? 
The website is locked down one day prior to picture day so we can prepare for your portrait session. If you can make your scheduled date and time please go to your portrait session at your assigned time. Remember to bring the outfits and props you plan to use.  You can make your sit session selection and make your payments at the portrait session. If you can't make the appointment session please contact your local Prestige Portraits office to see what options are available.

Where do I find my appointment code?
Your appointment code was sent to you on a postcard or in an email from Prestige Portraits. Look for an 8-digit code of numbers and letters, like G3NZ-2XS7.

What if I don’t have my appointment code?
What if I don't have my appointment code? Simply search for your school using the city and state where the school is physically located in Step 1. Once you find your school, search for your name in Step 2 to schedule your appointment. If you cannot locate your name or school, please call your Prestige Portraits studio for help.

What if I can’t make my scheduled appointment?
After you log in with your appointment code, you can pick an appointment time that works better for you. 

Do I have to pay for my session when I confirm my appointment online?
When you confirm online, you can either make your payment online or choose to pay at your session. To use an online promo code, though, you need to pay online.

What background options are available?
Your portrait session brochure will show you what backgrounds are available. 

What should I expect at my portrait session?
For more information, check out how a portrait session works. Or simply contact your Prestige Portraits studio.

What measures is Lifetouch taking to make Picture Day safe during COVID-19?

We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously. See what we’re doing to make this a safe experience for everyone.